I’m Alexis Huet. I got a PhD of mathematics in 2014 from the University of Lyon (France). I’m working in data science.

On this blog, I provide detailed posts about deep learning, maths in data science, and describe some own projects. I code in R and Python , sometimes in Javascript and C++ .

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Own projects

  • Langton’s ant extended to Voronoi tessellations A program extending Langton’s ant to any Voronoi tessellation of the plane. Simulations show interesting walks for some partitions of the plane, including chaotic structures, highway patterns and even bounded evolutions.

  • Anabasis webapp Webapp where players can draw collaborative paintings. It was built with node.js combined with mongodb, and hosted on Heroku and MLab. Analysis of collected data is also available in this post.

  • Trigger snake A challenging snake game built in C++/Qt4

  • Nim function for take-a-prime game Simulation of a recursive math sequence with interesting patterns, accelerated using C++ language.

  • Coal: Composition of Linear Functions A program for automating composition of linear functions. gmp package has been used to keep exact results for big rational numbers.

  • Triangle pursuit A program computing recurrent sequences, offering generalization for different rules, different norms, larger number of initial points and higher dimensions.

  • Gender of French nouns Check out the distribution of the gender of French nouns across the letters.

  • Description and modeling of FlapMMO score data FlapMMO is an online game similar to Flappy Bird. This post explores a collected dataset of scores, using descriptive statistics and testing probabilistic models.

  • Watering and draining planets And what would be the Moon, Mars and Venus with as much water in proportion as on the Earth?

  • An enigma Could you find the missing symbol?